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House Of Kilti


About Kilti :

We, at the House of Kilti we believe that you are more than what you do. You are your dreams, your inspirations, you are the purpose that drives you. We believe in challenging what is “normal”.

How do we do it?

Through Design. We create beautiful designs, bringing together what is locally available to, fabrics, techniques, and talent. And what better way to put our thoughts, ideas, and creativity out into the world than through clothes made for individuals who want to find their own path, express themselves and shift their perspective.

We express fashion, culturally and hence, the clothing line House of Kilti, speaks of fabrics tailored into deconstructed silhouettes, ruffles, layers, and magic of asymmetric-ism, Simple and complex weaves and eclectic patterns create the language for our clothing line.

The House of Kilti is a fashion label based out of Gujarat, India.

Team Members :

Darshan Naram:  Darshan is a “human” resource. He is the main man for communications at Kilti. Along with that, he handles the online aesthetics for Kilti

Nimit Shah: Kilti’s perfectionist, official photographer, and the man who makes sure operations are running smooth, Nimit! He is a one-man army! 

Pooja Chaudhary: Welcome the CEO and the founder of Kilti. She is the head designer of the company, so the communication of fashion goes through her. Pooja keeps the creative side alive at Kilti. Sometimes, she even also models for her label. 

Address: A-203, Siddhivinayak Business Towers, B/H DCP Office, Off SG Highway, Makarba, 380051, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.